Pow! De-aging
for the impatient.

36% brighter skin at the first application. 43% reduction
in the look of lines and wrinkles over time.* With a press
of the button, fresh Vitamin C powers up a rejuvenating
jolt of repair. Simply mix two drops with your moisturizer
twice a day and poof—visibly glowing, even,
retexturized skin is yours.


*12-week clinical test on 23 women, using twice a day.

Recapture younger-looking skin
with the Clinique Fresh Pressed™ System.

1. Cleanse

  • • Jump-start skin's renewal every morning.
  • • Ultra-fine powder activates with water.
  • • Each single-use dose is individually packaged.
  • • Use in AM for an exhilarating cleansing experience.
  • • Instantly skin is purified, brightened, retexturized, and perfectly prepped for Booster.
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Renewing Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin C

2. Boost

  • • Power up your moisturizer twice a day.
  • • Pure Vitamin C 10% is protected
    in a sealed chamber until activation.
  • • Each vial contains a 7-day dose of fresh,
    pure Vitamin C.
  • • Mix 2 drops with your moisturizer AM & PM
    for a jolt of repair.
  • • Brightens from first application. Visibly reduces
    age spots, lines and wrinkles over time.
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Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C

Fresh means power.

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